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Purina Horse Feeds

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Enrich Plus

Equine Senior

Senior Healthy Active


Purina Mini Horse and Pony

Omolene 100

Omolene 200

Omolene 300

Omolene 400

Omolene 500


Strategy Healthy Edge


Ultium Growth

Wellsolve LS

Purina Horse Supplements


Nutrena Horse Feeds

Proforce Black

Empower Balance

Empower Boost

Safe Choice Senior

SafeChoice Original

SafeChoice Special Care

SafeChoice Perform

SafeChoice Comparison Chart

Stock and Stable 12% Sweet

Stock and Stable 12% Pellet

Pennfield Fibergized

Triumph Sweet 10

Triumph 12%

Triumph Complete


Triple Crown

Triple Crown Light

Triple Crown Low Starch

Triple Crown Senior

Triple Crown Complete

Triple Crown Growth

Triple Crown 30%

Triple Crown Omega Max

Southern States

Available upon request

Poulin Horse Feeds

Available upon request

Blue Seal Feeds

Available upon request

Hay Products

Hay Extender Pellets

Hay Extender Big Bites

Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Cubes

Timothy Balancer Cubes

Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes

Timothy/Alfalfa Mini Cubes

Dengi Hi- Fi

Dengi Hi-Fi Gold

Dengi Totally Tim

Dengi Alfa Supreme

Dengi Timothy/Alfalfa Plus

Triple Crown Alfa Lox

Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

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Other Products

Steamed Crimped Oats

Beet Pulp Shreds

Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses

Flax Seed

  • Whole
  • Ground

Table Bran

Ask us about our organic grains!